The story goes about the Slink king.  He lived an enormous life with many slinks that were created to serve his needs.   King slink believed that his best hope for prosperity and future success in the business world was to come up with an ecommerce solution that was both affordable and easy to use for customers.  King Slink buried himself in many business books and online materials in regards to building a ecommerce empire.  After years of planning he finally came up with the idea to name his online business Slink Ink  Thus the Slink Ink was born.  King Slink did not just stop at the title, he went on to develop a marketing plan to show the world what his Slink Ink website could do.  He began sharing his Slink marketing plans with fellow Slinks and they all thought it was an amazing idea.  Imagine the world running on the Slink platform and ruled by King slink.  And so he set forth the motion to have his company enter the digital world.

What does Slink Ink do?

At this stage in King Slink's development plan, the true objective of Slink Ink has not been revealed.  We do know that Slink Ink will be used to control the world's supply of integrated equipment.  Slink Ink will be seen in your kitchen, all the way to your cars and possibly bicycles.  Also we know from internal memos that the product launch could only be weeks away.  It's an exciting time in our life and we are so happy that King Slink has allowed us to share it with the world.  Once the product is available, I am quite sure it will break all download records of Slink society.  While the launch date has not been confirmed, we do not anticipate it to be much longer.

Slink Ink Protocol

We were excited to hear from King Slink that a protocol of Slink Ink software was built in secrecy, having a level 10 clearance.  With software development reaching a level 10 clearance, you know it's going to be big!  None of our other prior software has been released under a higher clearance level.  Speaking of protocols, there's a new protocol set for the Slink Ink networking department.  They shall not be allowed to download or upload any new software until it is cleared by King Slink.  This is to prevent theft and hacking.  At Slink Ink, we take serious steps to ensure our software is safe and secure.  In all my years with Slink Ink, I have never encountered an incident involving hacking of any sorts to our systems or anyone running our systems.

Preparing for Slink Ink

Well just remember, Slink Ink will be one of the easiest if not the easiest web protocol that you will work with.  It's called Slink Think.  You basically think about it in a slink way and it's done.  Yes, just like that.  I may have revealed a little more than I should, but it's beyond my control as the excitement of having the latest Slink protocol ready can not be contained. 

Getting more info on Slink Ink

The best resource for getting more info on the up and coming software is to stay on our website and constantly press the F5 refresh button.  If you are smart, you can program a little robot to keep pressing the button.  It would drive me crazy but some enjoy it  Until the next version of Slink Ink is release, please continue to test our sold software.